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The month of December the last month for 2015

  Always on the road trucking December 12 il have my final Radio for the yr big night all free starting 6pm cst visit www.southernfryedradio.com then December 19th wrestling show HHCW US title match in Mt PULASKI Illinois  home for the xmas in Racine Wi New Years Eve to dj Big night hear my set from Montreal Halloween night SAMPLE  ENJOY this HTML class. Value is Listen to Montreal Q … Read entire article »

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My Wrestling match November 20th

My Return Match NAPW IN GENOA ILLINOIS … Read entire article »

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The Rest of the month of November

November 20th i Return to NAPW Wrestling Show in Genoa il looking forward to seeing the family on Thanksgiving Day then suppose to go to Jury Duty November 30th oh boy Montreal was as blast great dj gig i had Halloween Night sample will be on SoundCloud soon been trucking since three weeks on the road going home tomorrow  … Read entire article »

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For the month of October

On the road ALL THE MONTH OF OCTOBER trucking coast to coast October 10th back on my live free Internet radio show join me October 17th big Halloween wrestling show in Mt Pulaski Illinois then fly to Montreal Quebec October 24th big dj gig at the Aigle Noir October 30th i will be in Montreal for 9 days November 7th wrestling in Ham Lake Minnesota … Read entire article »

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The next month schedule for September 2015

Had a good radio show last Saturday on my New Show then this past Saturday my dj gig in Witchta Kansas for a big Family Reunion was superb I will have a sample of that show on soundcloud soon stay toon August 29th Chicago Hydrate to see my girl Dj Theresa can’t wait to get pictures with her my next  BIG WRESTLING SHOW FOR MEW MY DEBUT  SEPTEMBER 5TH IN ST PAUL MINNESOTA I will have this match on YouTube then on the road in between times with the truck back on radio September 19th Oct 17 wrestling in a last man standing match for hhcw in Mt Pulaski Illinois then I return to Montreal to DJ I will be in Montreal for ten days Halloween night … Read entire article »

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What I do in the month of August

Just got my new tattoo on my neck and throat 3 hours of work I love it traveling Coast to Coast in my truck then Aug 1st Wrestling for hhcw in Mt Pulaski Illinois Aug 8th and 9th Chicago Market Days I got a dj gig Aug 9th gay party Aug 15th I am back on radio my new Show JAMMING WITH FLOYDSTIR BIG NIGHT ON THE AIR I WILL HAVE A EVENT PAGE ON FB FOR THIS SOON Aug 20th threw the 24th planning for Vancouver British Columbia or Toronto … Read entire article »

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Hello friends OMG my show in Montreal on May 29th was off the hook Ty all for coming out a jam packed the place I will be back in Montreal the end of October June 13th I had a wrestling appearance that went really well as I support a diabetes fundraiser now my upcoming shows June 20th back on my radio show June 28 DJ gig private pride party 4th of July DJ gig Racine Wisconsin July the 11th DJ gig at Goodfellas in Streator il July 18 Radio August 1st Wrestling show in mt Pulaski Illinois, August 7 wrestling in Orion Illinois August 8 wrestling in Iowa city ia

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what’s been up recently

Had a Great Show for rumble for kids big Wrestling Event 1,400 people sold out the jr high school my radio this past Saturday was off the hook as I did my BDAY party and my Pre MONTREAL Show live on the air now my next big show is IML IN CHICAGO ILLINOIS THE GRABBYS PORN AWARDS THIS IS ALWAYS A FUN TIME THEN MONTREAL QUEBEC CANADA FRIDAY May 29th at the AIGLE NOIR I DJ  FROM 22:00pm TIL 3:00am I release my new CD that will be recorded and can only been seen and heard on YouTube live from the AIGLE NOIR i will post the link be safe BIG HUGS XXX BOO YA!! … Read entire article »

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this past weekend

Hello Friends what a busy Saturday had two meet and greets for my big wrestling show coming up April 25th my big annual show this show is getting bigger ever year in Princeton Illinois then had radio late that Saturday evening had listeners from all over I’m back on the air April 18th with a live interview with a wrestler about the big wrestling event April 25th for the next few weeks I’ll be coast to coast trucking big hugs xxx Floydstir … Read entire article »

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Hello friends Hope all is well with everyone I got lots of booking in the next few months March 21 I will be in Chicago at Hydrate with my friend Hector Fonseca show March 28th back on the radio and two meet and greets wrestling appearances on March 28th April 18 wrestling in Rochelle Il April 25 big annual Wrestling event Rumble for the kids May 21 threw may 25 IML CHICAGO LEATHER EVENT then I head to Montreal Quebec Canada from May 28 threw June 2 as I DJ live at the AIGLE NOIR in Montreal Friday may 29 from 10pm to 3am A BIG NIGHT IN MONTREAL XXX

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